The Pipeline Project Stakeholders

The West African Gas Pipeline Authority (WAGPA) is an international institution created by the Treaty on the West African Gas Pipeline (WAGP) Project between the Republic of Benin and the Republic of Ghana and the federal Republic of Nigeria and the Republic of Togo.

WAGPA has a legal personality and a financial autonomy.

WAGPA has representation functions (to take actions and decisions in the name and on behalf of the State Parties), facilitation functions and regulatory functions.

The main stakeholders are the four States Parties and the West African Gas Pipeline Company (WAPCo).

  • The four States Parties:
    • The Republic of BENIN
    • The Republic of GHANA
    • The Federal Republic of NIGERIA
    • The Republic of TOGO
  • WAPCo (shareholders: ChevronTexaco, Shell, NNPC, VRA, Bengaz & Sotogaz)

The other stakeholders are the gas buyers (VRA, CEB and others) and the shippers (N-Gas and others)

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